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By 27 August 2018December 20th, 2018No Comments

Catharsis or ‘how to liberate emotions by explosions’ is an experimental journey through a VR path loaded with digital ultra realistic explosions. Without living lethal explosions, the spectator will try to provoke his environment and make it react by his body movements and positions, until feeling a powerful and cathartic pleasure.
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FULL Credit :
Realisation and Concept: Bloc-D
Bloc-D team : Amandine Zink and Cedric Jaccheri
Technical Development / Programming :Stephane Buellet (Chevalvert)
Sound Design : Miroslav PILON
Live Performance documentation : Bloc-D
Motion Design, Pre-montage – Pre-grading : Lucie Hemard ( Bloc-D Intern )
Final Edit : Bloc-D

Special thanks 🙂
Thanks to Mirage Festival
Thanks to the Reality research Lab team
Thanks to TIMMPI Subpac team !

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